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Consulting Services

We are a leading specialist consultancy and private practice, based near Norwich (UK), lead by Laurent Bannock for Exercise Physiology & Performance Nutrition working primarily with elite and professional athletes (tennis, football, rugby, race car drivers etc) and high performance executives and celebrities. Keys to our approach is:

  • Test don’t guess!
    We use leading research grade laboratory equipment and methods to assess human performance and metabolism.
  • Eat and train smarter, not harder!
    We design bespoke performance nutrition & fuelling plans for you based on best available evidence and scientific data.
  • We help support and coach you to achieve optimal and quantifiable results.


Who is it for?

We offer testing services and packages for:
We work with individuals and teams, elite and recreational athletes, and high performance executives and celebrities.


Elite Athletes

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Recreational Athletes

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We work with you to create a bespoke package for your individual needs


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