Our Team

Guru Performance LTD have assembled a special team of expert practitioners & educators lead by founder and director Laurent Bannock; all of whom are highly qualified and well-respected professionals within the field. Such expertise helps to ensure that the professional services we offer (consultancy and education) are unparalleled and remain at the forefront of competition.

Our experts have significant experience working within the high performance setting. They have collaborated with a variety of elite teams and athletes, including WTA Pro tennis players, Premier League football and rugby, Olympians, professional boxers, MMA (UFC) fighters, and elite level triathletes (Ironman, GB age group etc). They also have extensive experience working with recreational athletes (cyclists, runners, triathletes, cross-fit athletes, bodybuilders and regular gym goers) who are looking to take their performance (both exercise and day-to-day) to the next level.

Mission Statement:
To provide our clients (teams, individual athletes & students) with the best possible advice and support to help them achieve unparalleled success in their performance and/or professional achievements.

Laurent Bannock DProf(c), MSc, FISSN, CSCS, R.SEN
Founder & Director, Exercise Physiologist and Performance Nutritionist

Laurent is the founder and director of Guru Performance with over 25 years of practitioner experience in the fields of nutrition, fitness, and performance. He currently acts as a consultant to a variety of professional teams, recreational & elite level athletes, and the military. Previous high-performance clients have included being performance nutrition consultant to Bath Rugby, and team performance nutritionist to London Irish, London Scottish, and London Broncos professional rugby teams. Laurent also worked with former Heavy Weight Boxing champion Danny Williams through his last 2 successful title fights, as well as working for the British Fencing World Class Program – supporting the Team GB Fencing Squad towards the Rio 2016 Olympics. Laurent is a Registered Sports and Exercise Nutritionist (UK SENr High Performance), a Certified Sports Nutritionist (ISSN), a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), and is a Certified Anthropometrist (ISAK). His academic qualifications include a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from California University of Pennsylvania (USA), and a Post Graduate Certificate in Strength & Conditioning from Middlesex University (UK), where he is also a Professional Doctorate candidate (DProf) in Exercise Physiology and Performance Nutrition (expected early 2017).

In the past decade or so Laurent has managed to rapidly up-skill and evolve to his current level of expertise from his original career as a PT and S&C coach of many years (which started in the early 1990’s) to now being a well-known practitioner-researcher and educator in the field of Applied Sports & Exercise Nutrition, with a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals, and is the host of the highly acclaimed ‘We Do Science’ Podcast. Laurent plays an active role in supporting his profession and fellow professionals in any way he can and is currently serving as a member of the registration panel of the UK Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr). He is also a Fellow of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), sits on the advisory board of the ISSN, and is also an Associate Editor of the Journal of the International Society for Sports Nutrition. Laurent also serves as an expert reviewer for the European Journal of Sports Sciences, and the International Journal of Sports Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism. Laurent is a highly experienced educator & lecturer and is the program director (and founder) for the international ISSN Diploma postgraduate program, as well being a senior lecturer and program leader for the MSc Sport & Exercise Nutrition program at Middlesex University, London.

Learn more about Laurent via his personal website: www.LaurentBannock.com

Scott Robinson PhD, MSc, Dip.ISSN, CISSN, R.SEN
Expert Consultant & Assistant Program Leader, ISSN Graduate Diploma

Scott holds a Doctorate in Exercise Metabolism from the University of Birmingham, UK. He is a registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist (UK SENr High Performance), a Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) and a Certified Anthropometrist (ISAK). Scott has spoken on the international circuit at various Sport and Exercise Nutrition conferences and has authored numerous academic papers that have been published in internationally-recognised peer reviewed journals.

At the Guru Performance practice, Scott collaborates with world leading scientists and practitioners to ensure that the services on offer are cutting-edge and remain at the forefront of competition. Scott is also the Assistant Program Director of the Guru Performance Institute’s ISSN Diploma post graduate program in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition; helping hundreds of students worldwide make the transition from their University studies to becoming credible expert practitioners.

Learn more about Scott’s publications here: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Scott_Robinson7

Stephen Smith BSc, MSc, Dip.ISSN, CISSN, SENr (Grad)
Tutor, ISSN Graduate Diploma

Stephen has a Master of Science in Sport Nutrition, and is currently undertaking Doctoral Research at Liverpool John Moores University, UK. He was one of the first to successfully complete the Guru Performance Institute’s Post Graduate ISSN Diploma in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition, and was awarded a grade of Distinction for his efforts. Stephen is a Graduate Registrant on the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register, a Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN), and a Certified Anthropometrist (ISAK). He works closely with all students on our ISSN Diploma Program to ensure that they get the very most out of the course.

Specifically, he helps to guide students through the various modules and assignments; offering his advice, ‘top tips’ and pointing students towards useful resources to ensure they are kept up-to-date with the latest research in the field of Applied Sports and Exercise Nutrition.

Alex Ritson MSc, Dip.ISSN, CISSN
Tutor, ISSN Graduate Diploma

‘Until we meet face to face, accept this brief introduction as a welcoming handshake.

I am a proud product of the Guru Performance Institute, graduating (with Distinction) from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (Dip.ISSN CISSN) and having since secured my Master’s degree (Applied Sports Nutrition with Distinction) from Middlesex University.

Coupled to this, I have years of study, and professional/personal experience to offer ISSN Graduate Diploma students with a willingness to engage.  Most importantly, I bring you first hands experience from the ‘coal-face’ of what it takes to excel in both the ISSN Diploma and the Master’s program while managing a full-time business and living a life.

The pursuit of academic and personal development occupies most, if not all of my waking hours.  It helped drive me from being a personal trainer to a Master of Science in Applied Sports Nutrition.  It allowed me to become a respected and an acknowledged evidenced-based, professional in the very competitive field of nutritional science.

My written work has appeared in highly regarded publications and I continue to build a strong ‘on-line’ presence through my coaching business, Lean Body Performance.

My personal background is a multi-cultural one, growing up in Malaysia, Germany, America and the UK. I’ve recently moved to Seville, Spain and will continue to explore Europe as an online Tutor and Coach while I continue to research an appropriate placement for my Ph.D. in the future.   

What excites me as a Tutor is watching people take what they’ve learned and build wonderful careers for themselves. I want our students to be the benchmark for evidence-informed practitioners in Sports Nutrition. Seeing them progress in their careers using the tools they attained from the program and remaining true to our message, gives me immense

satisfaction as an Educator.  It’s good to coach!’