Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

The ISSN Diploma is an internationally recognised post graduate level qualification that can be achieved at the end of the ISSN Diploma Course.

How long does it take?

The ISSN Diploma Course is normally undertaken in approximately one year on a part-time basis and requires around 8+ hours a week of study (those with less specific education in nutrition science may take a little longer to get through the material). It is also possible to progress through the course faster, and in rare cases, may be completed in as little 6-8 months (if undertaken more or less full time).

Is it full-time or part-time?

The ISSN Diploma Course is part-time and has been designed to be flexible enough to accommodate students in full-time work or with other commitments.

Do I need anything to qualify for it?

Yes, you will need to have a degree or equivalent in the relevant subject area. This is a postgraduate course.

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Is this an attendance (in London) or Distance Learning Course?

The ISSN Diploma Course has been designed primarily to be undertaken online using our special learning portal with downloadable lecture videos, electronic format reading materials and online interactions with fellow students and tutors. Live lectures are also held in London throughout the year, which students have the option to attend and interact directly with the lecturers. These lectures are all filmed and added to the online resources, so attendance is not mandatory.

Do I need to have a degree to be eligible to apply?

This is a postgraduate course, so normally yes, however if you have an unrelated degree and/or extensive professional certifications (such as those from NSCA, ACSM, UKSCA, PN etc.,) along with significant experience and continuing education credits (i.e. conferences, workshops) – then you may still be able to apply.

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What qualification will I get?

If successful in the final examination, you will earn the Guru Performance Institute’s ISSN Graduate Diploma, in addition to the CISSN (Certified Sports Nutritionist) certification from the ISSN.

Will it be internationally recognised?

Yes, it is internationally recognised and accredited by the ISSN – International Society of Sports Nutrition, as well as many leading professional bodies and academic institutions in related fields (with more UK and international accreditations currently being sought).

What is the CISSN?

The CISSN is an international certification by the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition) that recognizes you as a Certified Sports Nutritionist. Taking the ISSN Diploma Course also prepares you for the CISSN exam.

How important is it?

The ISSN Graduate Diploma is the only graduate level applied based qualification of its kind; the course is a well-respected educational programme aimed at developing highly educated and skilled sports nutrition professionals.

Is the CISSN the same as the ISSN Graduate Diploma?

No, whilst undertaking the ISSN Graduate Diploma Course will include preparing students to take the CISSN exam – the ISSN Graduate Diploma Course is a comprehensive accredited postgraduate level professional education program that delivers well beyond the learning requirements for the CISSN exam, to include substantial applied based knowledge required to excel in practice.

How much does it cost?

The ISSN Diploma Course is available in two versions – Distance Learning (100% Online) OR Blended Learning (online + attendance at weekend lectures in London, UK):

You can opt to pay in full or pay by instalments. Please visit the fees page for detailed information.

How do I pay?

The course can be paid for in full up front, or via monthly instalments. Please refer to the fees page for more information.

Once your application has been approved you will receive information on how to pay by bank transfer, direct debit, debit/credit card, pay online or pay by phone.