What is the ISSN?

The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) is the only non-profit academic society dedicated to promoting the science and application of evidence-based sports nutrition and supplementation.

The ISSN Diploma is an internationally recognized qualification fully accredited by the ISSN. The ISSN Diploma is achieved through undertaking the ISSN Diploma Course, which is a part-time, one year course that is taught remotely via online facilities with the additional option of attending lectures and seminars.

The ISSN Diploma Course can only be undertaken through Guru Performance Institute. Watch this short InfoVideo to learn more about the ISSN Diploma and CISSN Certification:

What is the CISSN?

The ISSN Diploma Course also serves as a training programme for students wishing to take their certification exam for the CISSN – Certified Sports Nutritionist of the International Society for Sports Nutrition.

For more information please see http://www.sportsnutritionsociety.org

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