Assessment Criteria

In order to successfully graduate the course and obtain the ISSN Diploma in Applied Sports & Exercise Nutrition, all students will have to satisfy the following 2 requirements:

(1) For Each of the 5 modules:

  • Complete the required core text book and journal paper readings, and submit answers to the multiple choice questions as directed
  • Watch the required lecture videos and handouts, and then submit review notes for each lecture (based on given guidelines)
  • Participate in the required online discussions and activities (freely and as directed)

(2) Final Exam:

Once all 5 modules have been successfully completed to the course director’s satisfaction, the final exam can be scheduled. The final exam also serves as the ISSN’s CISSN certification exam, which is a timed online exam held directly by the ISSN. This is a pass / fail exam (details here). A pass is required in order to complete graduation requirements of this program. The CISSN exam can be re-taken (for an additional fee to the ISSN).

Graduation Status:

There are 3 possible grades to be achieved once the course has been concluded:

  • Fail – Course requirements have not been successfully met (students will be given every opportunity to complete coursework, and if appropriate defer to subsequent cohort if extra time is required).
  • Pass – All course requirements have been successfully met
  • Distinction – All course requirements have been met and an exceptional level of effort and/or standard of work and participation by the student has been demonstrated.